Saturday, June 18, 2011

Selina's Weibo Update

夏天,曾經我幸運變瘦,總是愛穿高跟 鞋,露出兩條阿中説「細細長長」的腿,得意自己像個辣妹。曾經,我愛在自己唯一擅長的運動~游泳時,穿上把胸部擠很大的比基尼,身上除了色彩鮮艷的少少布 料,都是均勻的膚色。這些畫面或是在腦海或是在照片裡,我都無法忘記,因為那都還是「這輩子」的事!
In summer, I was once lucky because I could get slim. I loved to wear heels and show my legs, which Richard described as thin and long. I was happy looking like a hot girl. Before, I loved when I wore bikini; which made my chest look bigger, while doing the only sport I was good at ~swimming. Except for the little cloth on my body I also had an uniform skin-tone. These pictures; whether it is on my mind or photographs, are what I can't possibly forget, because those things are still happenings of [this life]!

My legs now, although they are described by Richard for looking like good "raw beef", the colour is still far from normal skin-tone.
I would sometimes hate, get misanthropical, but once I wake-up I would work hard in telling myself to spend the day with a smile! I'm very thankful to people who have replied to me, whether it is people with or without V (note: celebrities or known people can verify their identity to sina to get a V), your jia you and encouragement make me really happy to be at weibo! As for the small amount of people, who scold and laugh at me, I will do my best to tell myself not to get affected by your comments and I hope you won't encounter the same thing as I did, because nobody deserves to go through this pain. I hope my text can make you cherish what you have now, and not only give you sad feelings! Goodnight. 

Translation by Transition @ AF Selina


Wife, I love you. Today I have celebrated my birthday three times. Everytime I made the third wish, which is meant to be kept in heart, they were all about you. I love you very very much. I wish that I could help you with something, but with your strong will you actually encouraged us instead. You are an angel, a true angel! 

Like angel~

Diong Diong:
我幾度道歉顯然沒用,勸阻她別讀評論也沒用,她堅持讀完所有評論發了這微博。她或許習慣了加油打氣,一時對冷嘲熱諷不習慣,我看她不開心又多追了幾句,我 一看到人肉就致歉,我已在該網友評論二次說沒事,大家都太緊繃了。現在是我三度致歉,所有指教我也都看了,請大家息怒。請媒體勿跟以免再誤會。
I apologized several times, apparently useless, discouraging her not to read the comments are useless, she insisted on reading all the comments made this microblogging. She probably used to cheer, a time of cynicism are not used to, I think she was not happy addition to recover a few, I saw flesh on the apology, I have said nothing of the secondary users comments, you are too tight a stretch. I apologized three times now, I have watched all the advice, please pacify. Please Do not like the media to avoid further misunderstanding.
Fish Leong:
這是我讀到非常感動 而也值得我們學習的話 娜娜心中的那股力量和堅強 是我深深佩服的 謝謝你讓我們更懂得甚麼叫樂觀 和 勇敢 而且妳教導大家甚麼是 「愛」那股心中的大愛。
This is very touching and I also read that we can learn that kind of force. I deeply admire Nana's strong heart. Thank you for letting us know how to be optimistic and courageous and you teach us what is "love" sense of hearts of love.


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