Saturday, June 18, 2011

Hebe's Weibo Update

不只是偶像崇拜,是真的John喜歡![I love you ,John] 到耳!
Not just idol worship, is really like John! [I love you, John] to the ear!

美好人生副歌怎麼唱 聽起來才動人有思想 靈魂樂迷心底的悲傷 全是舊愛難忘[陳珊妮•美好人生~I love you, John]
How to sing the chorus sounds like a better life have thought the soul was touching the hearts of fans all sad old love memorable [Sandee Chan • beautiful life ~ I love you, John]

If ever you're wondering why Hebe's entries have 'John', it's because she's addicted with Sandee's song entitled "I ove you, John" :) She's just like a fan... like us ;)

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