Saturday, June 18, 2011

[Selina] Info: Some Info in the Book "God Has Chosen You: Selina's 90 Days in Hell"

The previous day before the incident, Selina sent me an email with a photo of her ‘injury’ (fake burns drawn by cosmetics etc.). She wanted to scare me, and jokingly said “Looks real right!”.

Next day, she texted me “Hi! I’m gonna film the explosion scene now! It’s really scary! I still have to jump forward! It’s like an action film! The place is now filled with fuel and fire! Remember that I love you!”

Not taking it to heart, I continued to my work. At around 4PM, Ella called me and said “Bro! Laopo got into an accident during the explosion, that’s all I know now, I will text you her PA’s number!”

I immediately requested for leave from my boss, I tried my best to say these words calmly, “Selina got hurt while filming in Shanghai…”, before I could finish my sentence, I started crying.

Credits and Translation by tohebe @ Tumblr 
This is really heartbreaking :'(((  

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