Friday, June 17, 2011

[Selina] News: Selina Jen: You will never understand my pain

A netizen faulted the S.H.E member for acting fake

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Taiwanese singer Selina Jen's fiancé Richard Chang will be releasing a new book titled, The Lord Chose You: Selina's 90 Days In Hell soon.

The book documented Selina's life during the first 90 days of her ordeal after she was badly scarred in an accident on the set of now-axed drama I have a Date with Spring.

Yesterday, Richard uploaded a screenshot of his new book's epilogue on his microblog with the caption: "I wonder when she will let go [of her pain]. Maybe she needs more time, because her mental and physical states were hurt too badly."

The lawyer added, "I look forward to letting go [of the pain], and hope she'd do the same. Maybe the day when she let go, would be the day she makes her comeback."

Later, Selina replied to his entry.

"It's too early to make a comeback. I've given a lot. It's more appropriate to talk about physiotherapy," the starlet wrote.

Her comment later received criticism from a netizen, who blasted Selina.

"I used to like Selina, now I think [you're] acting fake. There are other people who had suffered worse than you. You've been whining so much. I pity Ham Yu [the Chinese actor also hurt in the accident]. You repeat the same topic over and over again, to gain sympathy from the public. Do consider other people's feelings," the person wrote.

To that, Selina answered, "There are definitely a lot of people in this world who needs more support and encouragement than I do. However, you would never understand my pain. I don't think I'm acting fake. I did not whine either. Weibo used to be my little piece of heaven. Thanks to you, I feel regretful for the first time."

Fans of the singer quickly consoled Selina and demanded the netizen apologise to Selina and Richard for his inconsiderate comment.

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