Friday, June 17, 2011


The time here is 12:00 and yea, it’s finally 6.18! Happy Birthday, Baobei!!!

I love this lady so much. So much, words aren’t enough! HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Angel! Another year has passed. Ella is now 30, but she still looks waaay younger than her age for me :)

All I wish for her is good health and safety throughout this year :D With the kind of work she has, I’ll wish this for her. Ella is a one committed lady who gives even beyond what she’s asked for. Forgetting to take care of her health. Hope someone would be right there to take care of our angel. The man who could make her happy and satisfied. I believe Ella has chosen a man already. I just hope he won’t break Ella’s heart or we’ll break his face! Right? HAHAHA! Anyways, I just want Ella to be happy. She deserves it :)
I hope more blessings and projects will knock by her door this year. I hope she’ll never change. She’s amazing just the way she is :) And I hope I can see her someday! Hahaha!

Baobei, happy birthday! Always be happy. You’re fans are always by your side supporting you. No matter what happens, I’ll always be a faithful E-angel :)

Shengri Kuaile!!!

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