Tuesday, May 8, 2012

[Ella] News: Ella Chen pranks her friends at her after-party

07/05/2012 Instead of being pranked, the singer teased her friends at the after-party held after her wedding banquet  

After their wedding banquet on May 5, a cosy and fun-filled after-party continued in a presidential suite which Ella Chen and Alvin Lai booked for their small group of friends. At the after-party, the newly-married couple pranked the party-goers instead of being teased by their friends.

The bride teased her fellow S.H.E. member, Hebe Tien, who claimed to have done research on how to tease newly-weds, and said that her antics to get the couple to share a banana is "disappointing." Instead, the playful Ella made bridesmaid, Hebe pass a grape to best man, Tsing-Fong of Sodagreen, using her mouth causing the girl to complain, "Why is the bridesmaid and best man being teased instead?"

Ella also expressed that she and her husband "did not do anything" on their nuptial night as she was menstruating.
Yesterday, Ella posted a photo of her having breakfast with her husband on her microblog and addressed the couple as the "Lai couple," taking after her husband's surname.


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