Friday, May 11, 2012

[Ella] News: Ella Chen shares a sexy dance with her husband

The daring songstress claimed to be very satisfied with her husband's strong pelvis at her wedding banquet

Newly married S.H.E. member, Ella Chen, praised her husband for having a strong pelvis and claimed to be "very satisfied."

Ella, who tied the knot with Alvin Lai at the Le Meridien Taipei last Saturday, shared a sexy dance with her husband as part of the activities during their wedding banquet. The singer who wore a fiery-red short dress showed off a series of suggestive dance moves with her Malaysian beau.

After the dance, the daring bride claimed that her husband "has a strong pelvis" and she is "very sexually satisfied," before sharing passionate kisses with Alvin in front of the guests.

The wedding ceremony was attended by celebrities such as Sodagreen's Tsing-Fong, JJ Lin and Christine Fan.


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