Tuesday, May 29, 2012

[Ella] News: Ella Chen avoids questions about pregnancy

The songstress gushed about how happy she is to be married to Alvin Lai at her autograph session

S.H.E. member Ella Chen held an autograph session at Causeway Bay while cleverly avoiding awkward questions from the media about her idol status.
The newly-married songstress met with her fans at Causeway Bay on Sunday, where she had an autograph session for the first solo album. The passionate fans shouted, "Mrs. Lai, have a happy marriage!" and the songstress even held a mask with her husband, Alvin Lai's, face on it while she was singing.
The songstress let on that she wants to wait two years before giving birth and will enjoy a couple's life in the meantime. Ella added that she wants to "leave it to fate" when it comes to having children. The reporters then asked if the couple did proper contraception to which the songstress skillfully avoided answering by expressing that "it is inconvenient to talk about this as I am an idol, please try to guess it."
The 30-year-old also revealed that her husband has breakfast with her every day and sees her out of the house. Unable to hide her happiness, Ella gushed, "He is always with me, and to have such a husband is my blessing."


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