Tuesday, May 15, 2012

[Ella] News: Newlywed Ella Chen promotes in hong kong

Taiwan artists Ella Chen Chia-Hua, Mike He (Hor Kwan Cheung) two nights ago promoted their new film BAD GIRLS. Ella just wed last week and earlier already rushed to Hong Kong to promote her new film. When reportedly she rushed to return to pay her mortgage, her face darkened as she said, "It's not because of that, who says you can't work after marriage?"

Ella and Siu Mei played games with fans. Siu Mei greeted fans in Cantonese. "Hong Kong Friends how are you!" Some fans used muffins to spell out Ella's name as a gift for their newlywed idol. Ella immediately tried it but said, "The muffin is too dry, next year you can add a little more water." Even though Ella was all smiles during the event, when Ella saw reporters she did not force a smile and asked the media not to ask about her marriage.

"Today is already my second day in Hong Kong. With the tight schedule and a flu, I don't feel well and can't muster up the energy." When asked whether her husband was displeased that she immediately came to promote in Hong Kong after their wedding, she said, "I still have to work, Hubby didn't really say anything in particular."

Speaking of Ella reportedly had to pay mortgage so she returned to work soon after her wedding. Ella said, "It's not because of that, who says after marriage I can't work?" As for BAD, Ella said that the film has already been released in Taiwan and the response was decent. She said that in the film she had many fight scenes, but her co-star Siu Mei was a nice guy in the film so she was reluctant to hit him. Ella also said that she took a few martial art lessons for the fight scenes. During the shoot when she had time she would study with the instructor. Finally although she was hurt a little her injury was not too severe. Would her husband's heart ache for her? Siu Mei helped out and said, "Her hubby has always known how tough Ella's job is, of course his heart aches!"


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