Saturday, May 12, 2012

[Ella] Pics: Minute Maid Event

Ella and Jiro practiced the magic trick many times. Ella felt nervous doing it onstage. Ella&Alvin will be going to Malaysia this Saturday for their scheduled wedding banquet. Ella said this time it's a lot easier, feels like a holiday. The sensational dance would not be included in the program this coming Saturday because Ella is afraid her in-laws won't withstand it because they're of conservative type. Ella sent flowers to her in-law and to Chen Ma for Mother's day. S.H.E will be fit to attend a Top Girl event on 05/13. Ella feels excited but should understand that Selina can't be under too much sunlight so the event will be indoors. Jiro surprised her with an Orange Fruit Baby wishing her a lovely baby. This Minute Maid endorsement with Jiro costs 15 million yuan.




Credits as marked/Baidu Ella/Facebook

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