Wednesday, May 16, 2012

[Ella] Pics: Hongkong Newspaper - Ella's Interview

Ella went to Hongkong to promote "Bad Girls". Ella was suffering from colds and fever. But if you won't hear her sneeze, you won't feel she's ill.

All of S.H.E could work independently. And it is most surprising of Ella to get married. Debuted with short hair and boy-like personality, not feminine. This time she came to Hongkong to promote Bad Girls, playing the role of Adan still is the usual 'boy head' but the live version of Ella has degenerated into a veritable wife.

The reporter thinks Ella's character is the most flattering among S.H.E, with sunshine smile. Both male and female fans will like her. Ella said in reality, she's the most emotional among S.H.E, couldn't control her tears in front of the camera.

Ella admitted that she has been living under pressure until Selina's accident happened back in 2010. Ella's consciousness to live happy is the most important thing in the world.

Info Credits: Baidu Ella

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