Wednesday, May 23, 2012

[Selina] News: Selina Jen goes cycling for the first time since accident

The starlet was out cycling with her father for the first time since she was injured more than a year ago

Last night, S.H.E. member Selina Jen went cycling with her father, her first ever since she was injured in a filming accident more than a year ago and shared her happiness with her fans.

While she is on the road to recovery, Selina is starting to attend endorsement events and taking small steps back into the entertainment industry. Last week, S.H.E. made an appearance for a charity auction together and Selina even got teary after seeing the passionate fans present.

However, even though the starlet is recovering well, she cannot stay under the sun for long and therefore chose to go cycling with her father in the evening.
Unable to hide her happiness to be out and about with her father, the 30-year-old expressed that "after being into cycling for a long time, my father finally could bring me out to experience this." The singer then gave her thanks by expressing that "along with the breeze and the setting sun, I felt happiness."

Concluding her experience, Selina expressed that she felt touched when the elderly in the park cheered for her when they saw her cycling.


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