Thursday, May 31, 2012

[Ella] Interview: Guangzhou Daily Interviews Ella

Q: Are there any plans to release a full solo album?
Ella: I do not have so much ambition, I tend to get nervous when three of us perform, I can not imagine doing it myself. Of course, if the company have such thoughts, I'm not going to reject it

Q: In these 0 years, we have the impression of you as straightforward, cute, a little crazy,. Will you begin to change after marriage?
Ella: I do not want to change. In front of fans, I am a singer. In front of my husband, I am a wife.

Q: Would your husband mind you doing dramas in the future?
Ella: No! He knew it was my job. Moreover, he knew my heart belonged to him. Although this sounds disgusting, but it is a fact. I have the image on the screen is a simple-minded girl, can challenge different roles better

Q: After you and Selina got married, does the pressure for Hebe not be great?
Ella: I think she would still have a little pressure. However, I have confidence in her. I hope that she can talk about love several times, and be vigorous to enjoy love. She has been too rational. We told her not to refuse some boys who express their liking for her.. The marriage, however, such a thing, we can only go with the flow.

Q: In S.H.E new album, will the type of music change?
Ella: This part is entirely to the company, they will find the most suitable according to our present state, our music.

Q: After SHE has debuted for 10 years, if you say a word to the fans, what would you like to say most?
Ella: Thank you! In fact, a thousand words is very grateful. A lot of fans just like husband and wife, we are still all the way to accompany our growth. Some of our songs to accompany our fans grew up with, and some even post to see photos of their children, think of these, you really will feel that time is very wonderful.

Credits: Baidu Ella  

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