Sunday, May 27, 2012

[05.26.12] Selina's Weibo Update

With the ride was terrific! In addition to the uphill, downhill, I was afraid of turning ~ other are perfect! [Halo] [halo] the next challenge longer distance 

我超喜歡看動畫!自己配音過程時而大笑時而落淚!投入很大啦!是適合全家大小的動畫!親情是使人勇敢的真情~ 推薦大家6.22欣賞喔~
 I super like to see the animation! The course of their own voice and sometimes laughter and sometimes tears! Invested heavily in it! Animation for the whole family! The family is to make a brave truth ~ recommend everyone to 6.22 appreciate.

Ha ha ha! I like it!

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