Sunday, May 20, 2012

[Ella] Info: Ella&Alvin's Wedding in Malaysia Details

 Alvin's home was decorated with red lanterns with a festive feeling.Alvin's house was painted with white to look new. Doors were decorated with red color and "Double Happiness" stickers were on the walls.

 The wedding car with plate number JJL2 used was a Porsche limousine. The estimated cost is 1388 Ringgit per table. The host family rented a presidential suite with a price range of 2000-4000 Ringgit, they also leased 40 suites for remote guest accommodation.

From the airport, the couple headed to a hotel, not at Alvin's home. The wedding would be limited to only 80 tables/seats (actually I'm not sure which. One article says it's 80 tables, other article says it's 80 seats) So they decided that the invited guests must present the wedding invitation before they could enter the venue which is in Equatorial Hotel. Ella&Alvin will be doing the traditional Chinese ways in Alvin's home in the morning. Just like what they did in Pingtung, offering tea, etc. Then on the evening will be the wedding banquet :) Article says Hebe would be absent on the event.

The banquet had a total of 88 tables. Some friends wanted to pay their own meals just to see Ella. Ella was wearing a sling-style halter low cut white wedding gown. The hotel lobby is filled with national media and security, also enclosed an aisle for the couple. Ella was wearing a noble white wedding dress with veil said to be worth about NT $ 450,000, his face kind of shy, holding a bouquet of white roses with Lai Sixiang's arm, and slowly stepped out of the hotel to catch the the Porsche wedding car.

Lai family prepared a buffet to entertain family and friends. Wedding host got MY FM's Phoebe and Chen Zhikang. Sophia sponsor four sets of 2.61 million yuan worth of dress, including the banquet, guest accommodation and ticket costs 1.87 million yuan. The evening banquet at the Hotel Equatorial Ballroom, Ella wearing Sophia tailor-made for her 95 million lace wedding dress,

Alvin departed from his house and then went to the hotel to meet Ella. Then they went back to Alvin's home to the the traditional ways. They light incense to their ancestors and pray for marriage. Afterwhich, they would be on the 2nd floor to do the offering of tea. After, they left and went straight to the hotel for the wedding banquet. Ella's mother blessed her love of all seasons and a lovely baby. Chen Ba didn't say anything as he was choking with tears hence, Ella can not help but burts into tears and thank her parents for raising her. Avin also promised to take care of Ella. Ella said she would take an extra day to take her family around Malacca. She hopes the media would give them time to enjoy the beautiful city of Malacca. The wedding opening song was Bad Girls.

S.H.E fans gave Ella 'Double Happiness' sticker to congratulate her. Ella accepted it and stick it on the wall. 

Info Credits: Baidu Ella

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