Tuesday, May 8, 2012

[Ella] Info: Ella♥Alvin's Wedding Details

According to newsarticle, the wedding banquet of 50 tables in Taipei is at noon of May 5, held at LevMeridien Hotel. Alvin's parents, aunts and 2 sisters already arrived in Taiwan for the wedding banquet. Ella's family and 26 relatives from Pingtung will also attend the wedding banquet. The couple have also booked the presidential suite which caused NTD 180,000.00 a night for an After Party at night. There will be no traditional Chinese rituals today as already carried out in April 15 Pingtung banquet.

Ella will be wearing a Chaumet Le Grand Frission diamond necklace worth NTD 4,450,000.00 and Chaumet Josephine diamond ring worth NTD1,100,000.00. All in all, she will be wearing an estimated NTD8,810,000.00 worth of jewelleries during her wedding banquet.

 Ella's record company send 50 staffs to assist in the wedding banquet. The hotel side has 60 staffs. There is another 15 part-time workers to assist.

The menu for the wedding banquet which cost NTD30,001.00 per table.

TVBS has quite a long clip on the wedding. The dance that Ella and Alvin did, its not tango, its more like a teasing striptease which really entertained the guests. During the dance, Ella wore a tight red gown with a detachable skirt. Alvin detached her skirt, after which, Ella was pulling at Alvin clothes like wanting to take it off. Ella and Alvin danced quite a bit and Ella was really sexy in her red outfit which shows off her good figure and beautiful legs. I suspect the cheorographer of the dance or the idea of it should be from Ella since she loves performing . Alvin is really sporting as a groom as afterall, he is not an artiste and its doubtful dancing and performing in front of people is his usual cup of tea. But he did it quite well, so he and Ella must have practised quite a bit.

Could see Ella was so happy during her wedding. She cried tears of happiness and Alvin comforted her. Ella's father also cried. Ella cried twice with happiness, once during the media interview when asked her feelings about being Mrs Lai and she was so choked up that she could not speak and Alvin kissed her to comfort her. Another time was during the wedding ceremony when her father, as the bride's father, passed her to Alvin and she again choked up with tears.

Alvin is older than Ella by 5 years, his birthdate is 13 March 1977.

Hebe said she is looking forward to teasing Ella in the custom of nuptial night teasing. And that she has been in discussion with others to come up with various ways to tease the couple. In the clip, Ella was seen to be crying tears of happiness. When asked about the nuptial night teasing, she said she is looking forward to it.
Da S said she will for sure join in the nuptial night teasing to get her revenge back on Ella. Selina said she has gone online to check on all the various methods that can be used for nuptial night teasing. Looks like Ella wont be able to get away so easily from the nuptial night teasing as she herself has said she has taken part in many nuptial night teasing of couple in weddings that she has attended. So she has made many "enemies".

Ella said isnt her husband lower part really good?. And then she asked Alvin to demonstrate his shaking off his hips.. After that she said everyone by now will know she is very fortunate. One of the host then said Ella will again be happy tonight. Ella replied "yes, my husband is really powerful" and then pretend to be blushing.

 So that makes it 1 weddding gown and 3 evening gowns (red, blue and silver).

Alvin taped a most moving declaration of his love for Ella.

" Precious, thank you for miraculously crashing into my life when it was at its darkest moment. Because of your liveliness, optimism .... nosiness, it makes my life recover its colour. When with you, its always happy and comfortable, no pressure, and you always give me the greatest support and encouragement. Your concern toward me and your taking care of me makes me deeply moved. In these 5 years, there are sweetness and bitterness, but all these will become beautiful recollections for us. Thank you, for making Taiwan feels like home to me. Today, at last I can call you my wife (laopo) , my lover (ai ren), my wife (qizi). Let me love you for the rest of my life".

Info Credits: nikitaangel @ http://asianfanatics.net

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