Friday, May 11, 2012

[05.10.12] Ella's Weibo Update

非常想睡了,晚安香港,see u tomorrow !!
Wanted to rest, good night Hong Kong, see u tomorrow!!

Yes!! I came!


感謝所有華研的同事,沒有你們,我和@爾文賴 無法完成這令我們永生難忘的婚禮,今晚是一個開心的花雕雞趴!謝謝你們,我愛你們![爱你]
Thanks to all HIM colleagues, if not for all of you,  me and Alvin will be unable to complete this wedding ceremony to make our eternal life unforgettable , tonight is a happy huadiao chicken lies prone! Thank you, I love you!

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