Sunday, May 6, 2012

[05.06.12] Ella's Weibo Update

Hi!! We are the Mr. and Mrs. Lai  who just drew a charge!

今天的婚禮不是百分百的完美,但很接近我們理想中的80分了!或許有許多招待不周的地方,有些朋友甚至沒收到我寄出的帖子,但是,我們還是接收到了滿滿的 祝福,希望今天來到的朋友們都有感受我們的幸福和誠意!我們真的很相愛,我們也會很幸福的!謝謝大家!We Love You!!
Today's wedding ceremony is not 100 percent perfect, but was very close in our ideal 80 points! Perhaps many entertainment week's place, some friends even have not received the card which I mail out, but, we received Man Man the blessing, I hope friends who arrived today had felt our happiness and the sincerity! We really fall in love very much, we can also be very happy! Thanks everybody! We Love You!!

謝謝@达芙妮 ,謝謝英傑哥!
Thanks Daphne, Thans Hero Elder Brother!

Thanks my Lao Po! [爱你][爱你][爱你][爱你] 

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