Thursday, April 5, 2012

[S.H.E-Related] News: A-Mei and Jody Chiang rock the house

Guest artist 'A-Mi-Hui' brought concert to climax

Last night, A-Mei and Jody Chiang brought the house down during the fourth leg of the AMeiZing World Tour in Taipei.

Jody took the stage, styled like a rocker like A-Mei's alter ego, Amit. Dubbed as "A-Mi-Hui", Jody drove audience wild when she appeared in a black dress for her impression of Amit.

The nervous singer had hired A-Mei's stylist to help her with her A-Mi-Hui costume. Wearing the same blonde wig as Amit, Jody got praises from everyone including A-Mei's manager who said that the outfit suits the singer flawlessly.
When Jody made her musical debut at Kaohsiung in 2008, she sang a duet with A-Mei. In 2010, the pair collaborated again at Jody's "Dreamer" concert. This time, it is Jody's turn to return the favour by playing guest at A-Mei's concert.

A-Mei teased her best friend on stage, "This girl looks fierce!". After singing a duet with Jody, A-Mei threw her autographed microphone to the audience, causing them to go wild again.

The concert also saw big names like S.H.E., Elva Hsiao, Kai Ko amongst the audience.
Selina Jen from S.H.E expressed that she is a fan of A-Mei and knows every song by heart. Due to her injury from a filming accident, Selina is unable to bend her legs for a long period of time. To enjoy the concert fully, the starlet brought a stool to the concert to rest her legs.

Elva Hsiao who wanted to avoid the media reserved a box seat all for herself while her rumoured boyfriend Kai Ko arrived 10 minutes after the concert started.


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