Tuesday, April 17, 2012

[Ella] News: Ella Chen wants to marry Alvin Lai again in her next life

16/04/2012 The singer shares details of her romance on radio show

S.H.E. member Ella Chen is a woman in love and it shows.

When she went on radio programme, "HIT Weekend" to promote her latest EP a few days ago, the singer shared details of her romance with fiancé Alvin Lai. She said she would want to be married to her Alvin again in her next life. Ella also wished that she could be more feminine in her next life causing the radio show host to exclaim that love is in the air.

May 17 is rumoured to be the day the world comes to an end. Alvin had told Ella, "Please remember that we must meet at 325 Love's Lane in heaven", moving her to tears. March 25 is also Alvin's birthday.

The singer expressed that as she is busy with the promotion of her new album, she has been seeing less of her fiancé recently. When Ella told him, "Thank you for being so understanding", Alvin replied, "Hearing you say this made me feel like crying". The singer also joked that although her husband's romantic ways can border on 'disgusting' sometimes, she enjoys the attention he showers on her.

Ella also revealed that she had personally written all the names and addresses on her wedding invites to show the couple's sincerity in inviting their guests.


Alvin is so sweet :') I'm so happy for Baobei. I really am.

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