Friday, April 27, 2012

[Hebe] News: JJ Lin is 'too shy' to get Hebe Tien's number

The singer took a photo with his ideal girlfriend after an awards ceremony but was too shy to ask for her number

Singapore singer JJ Lin met his ideal girlfriend, S.H.E. member, Hebe Tien, at the backstage of the recent China's Music Radio awards ceremony, but went home empty handed without her contact information as he is "too shy" to exchange numbers with her.
The 31-year-old singer first confessed that Hebe is his ideal girlfriend type in January this year and finally bumped into her at the backstage of a recent awards ceremony. They congratulated one another, snapped a picture together, but did not exchange contact information.

After the encounter, Hebe gave her two-cents worth on JJ and told reporters that he is a "very shy" person. She added that JJ "did not ask for my number and therefore we did not exchange contact information."

They bumped into one another again at the show's after-party and JJ offered the 29-year-old singer a drink of appreciation when he was told of her comments. Despite so, the shy singer did not leave his contact with the songstress.

Meanwhile, Hebe who was crowned the Most Popular Female Singer of the night expressed her confidence in her album's production team. She humbly claimed that she "still has a lot of room for improvement" when asked to rate her winning chances in the upcoming Taiwan Golden Melody Awards in June.
The songstress let on that S.H.E. will being album preparations in July and expressed her wish to hold the trio's concert at the Beijing Olympic Stadium.


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