Friday, April 13, 2012

[Hebe] News: Hebe Tien chooses career over love


The singer has earned in millions from endorsement deals in the first four months of this year

S.H.E's Hebe Tien is in no hurry for love.

Not even with her mum chasing her to walk down the aisle like fellow band mates Selina Jen and Ella Chen. Selina is blissfully married, while Ella will tie the knot later this month.

Not surprising since the singer has chalked up NT$88million ($3.78 million) from her endorsements deals since the start of the year.

At a press conference for a mobile phone that she endorses, Hebe confessed that she is addicted to her mobile phone. The singer shared that she is addicted to mobile phone games and that she would spend all her free time playing them.

When asked if she would be worried that she would be seen using mobile phones from rival brands, the singer replied confidently, "No, I only have one number so such an incident will never happen".

With her packed schedule, Hebe shared that she will not be able to attend Ella's engagement banquet in Pingtung on Apr 15. However, she will be attending the engagement ceremony which will be held on Apr 22.

The singer promised to wear the sexy bridemaid's outfit which Ella had specially prepared for her. Hebe added that although she is nervous wearing the sexy outfit, she will do so for Ella as they are best of friends.


Awww. The last statement is so touching ;') I can't wait to see Hebe in that sexy outfit. And I can't wait to see the beautiful bride <3 

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