Saturday, April 28, 2012

[Ella] News: Blackie's Interview about Ella

On 24/4, there was a newsarticle about an interview of Blackie about Ella and Alvin. Blackie has known Ella for 10 years. Blackie also knows Alvin. Blackie and Alvin got to know each other some time back because both are basketball players and love to play basketball. Also, Alvin's company is involved in sports sponsorships. Both have played basketball games together and also chat about various basketball games. From there they became friends and got to know each other well. Blackie has high praise of Alvin. He said Alvin is honest, decent and a man of integrity. He said Alvin used to discuss with him and others about various ways of helping more people.

Blackie only got to know from tv about Ella dating and realised Ella's boyfriend is his basketball buddy and friend. He said Alvin may look shy and stiff but actually, he is a funny and humourous person. He will try ways and means of making Ella laugh, make her happy. The couple's interactions are like good friends, at times teasing each other and at times being very sweet towards each other.

Blackie said Ella of the past is boyish in behaviour and used to fraternise with the guys and become buddy with them. Plus with her short hair, so its hard to feel Ella has any feminity in her. He has never thought Ella can transform to become like nowadays. Blackie credit a big part of it to Alvin. He feels that Ella's change from her past boyish style till her current self is due to love and said love can really change a woman. Even though Blackie at times still cant get used to the Ella who has become more gentle and more womanly but he is very happy to see the Ella of today. He wish Ella and Alvin all the happiness and joy in the world.

Blackie will be attending the 5 May wedding in Taipei but still has not thought of what wedding gift to give,

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