Friday, April 27, 2012

[Ella-related] News: Huang Zi Jiao's Interview about Ella

Huang Zi Jiao said in an interview that Ella is a lovely girl. He said that Ella is the favorite guest of every host's heart. He also said that Ella is very funny. He shared that sometime when he had an exclusive interview with S.H.E, he did not speak, Ella took her full flight and told some jokes which made them laugh altogether.

Huang Zi Jiao first met Alvin during Selina's wedding. Ella was shy while they introduced to two to each other. He and Alvin didn't have much of a conversation, only nodded and said hello. He came to understand why Ella was attracted to Alvin. It's because Alvin understands her. He said that Alvin looks simple and honest but he will grasp Ella's humor. They play with each other just like two children fooling around.

Huang Zi Jiao has received Ella's invitation and posted it online at once.

Info Credits: Baidu Ella

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