Friday, April 27, 2012

[Ella-related] News: Show's Interview about Ella

Show Luo: I hope to witness Ella's happiness, never thought she would marry

Show Luo and S.H.E often met at major awards ceremony. He says with a laugh, " Everytime I speech, I hear the loudest laugh in the background. And it's S.H.E. Ella has the ability to make friends in the dressing room an artist is not familiar with".

Show hasn't seen Alvin in private, only in television. Show thinks he's a reliable guy and can give Ella happiness. "Even if my private contact with Ella is not too often, but when he sees Ella talk in programs that she's very happy and in love, I feel envious".

Show frankly hopes to receive a wedding invitation from Ella. When asked if he's not afraid to face Selina knowing about their rumors together before, Show said, " Ella's great event in life is the most important". Show said that he will send ren envelopes to Ella to give them his blessings.

Info credits: Baidu Ella

I'm happy to hear Show talking about Ella. They're my favorite artists! I hope Ella could invite him and Show could come :)

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