Monday, April 16, 2012

[04.15.12] Ah CHung's Weibo Update

今天終於完成了姐姐的終身大事!雖然有點小混亂,但那種混亂是開心的^ - ^每個親友都很期待與興奮的參加這場婚禮!這也是鄉下地方特有的感覺啦!非常感謝所有工作人員的幫忙!因為你們讓這場婚宴變的更加完美!5/5號台北見!)^o^(
Sister's marriage is finally completed! Although a little confusing, but the kind of confusion is happy ^ - ^ each family and friends are looking forward with excitement to the wedding! This unique feeling of countryside! Thank you very much for all staff to help! Because you let this wedding more perfect!, 5/5 See you there! ) ^ o ^ (


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