Sunday, April 1, 2012

Ella's Weibo Update

Reaches an agreement the fool's day instantaneous illuminated! But, this is false instantaneous, the real autodyne!


In April 7 are ella which such identical ~ shatters, is also is pulled!


The sisters participate quickly


好喜歡和小燕姐聊天,總是那麼輕鬆,歡樂,沒有壓力,而且還受益良多!@林大元 @方志友Bea 壞女孩們,出動!
Good likes with Xiao Yan Jie, is always so relaxed, happy, does not have the pressure, moreover also profits a great deal! @ forest Great Yuan @ the local chronicle friend Bea bad girls, send out!

Is today!

Heh heh! Today looks at me with all one's strength at one fell swoop


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