Monday, April 9, 2012

[Ella] News: Ella Chen rehearses wedding tea ceremony in front of her fans

The singer shows that she is fully prepared for her upcoming wedding

S.H.E. member Ella Chen held her one and only autograph session for her new EP "I am...Ella Chen" in Taiwan on April 7. To congratulate the singer, Ella's record company presented her with a set of wedding mugs. The bride-to-be immediately rehearsed the tea ceremony procedure in front of her fans and the media.

Clad in a pink suit, Ella performed "Thick Skin" for her fans. The singer also dedicated the song to her fiancé Alvin Lai, who had secretly attended the event to show his support.
Ella claimed that she wants to be a beautiful bride and will be following all the traditional rituals for her wedding. The host then teased the singer that she will soon take on her husband's surname and referred to her as "Ella Chen Lai", causing Ella to exclaim that the practice (of taking on one's husband's surname) is passé.

With her engagement party coming up on April 15, Ella made a shout out on behalf of her husband, "You can play and mess with us but don't make my husband drunk. I'll drink on his behalf". The singer had also expressed that she will not have a bachelorette party as she can't bear to be apart from her fiancé even for a short while.
Ella also revealed that she had cried when she heard claims that she had been aggressively roping in sponsors for her wedding. The host praised Ella that she is more feminine, to which Ella joked, "Maybe it's because I'm menstruating today!"


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