Monday, October 15, 2012

[S.H.E] News: S.H.E looking forward to "dormitory days"

The trio shared childhood memories at a promotional event for the Taiwan Lantern Festival

Members of Taiwanese girl-group S.H.E have been selected as ambassadors for the Taiwan Lantern Festival 2013. The trio attended a promotional event held in Hsinchu and were excited by the lanterns, which were modeled after 'cute versions" of themselves. Selina, who was especially enthusiastic, could not wait for a picture with the lanterns.
Among the three figurine lanterns, only Selina's 'head" would not stop swinging. She laughed, 'Could it be that my head always seems to be moving about?"

Ella reminisced about interesting childhood stories relating to the Lantern Festival. She shared about the times she got her hands burned while playing with lanterns and firecrackers. Hebe, whose hometown is in Hsinchu, played tour guide, recommending places of interest and good food. She shared that she loved having overnight excursions at the mountainous areas with her family when she was younger.

S.H.E is scheduled to release a new album at the end of the year. The album is currently in post-production and the filming of the music videos will soon get underway. The girls are looking forward to it but what they are most excited about are the 'dormitory days" ahead.
Ella joked, 'Do we have to start washing our own clothes?" Selina's suggestion that Ella warm her bed was met with flat rejection.


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