Monday, October 15, 2012

[S.H.E] News: S.H.E celebrates their 11th anniversary

The singing trio plans to live together again for a month before releasing their next album in November

Taiwanese girl band S.H.E who made their debut on Sept 11, 2001 celebrated their 11th anniversary on Tuesday evening. The three dressed up and switched identities at the event, poking fun at each other. Ella imitated Hebe's trademark laughter while Hebe tried to mimic Selina's sweet voice. Hebe quipped, 'œIt's too hard to be sweet!'

The closely-knit trio expressed that their desire to live together again for a month before releasing their next album in November. The girls had lived together in a dormitory before they shot to fame.

'We will help you wash your pressure garment,' Ella said to Selina, who was recovering from the 2010 burn incident. Selina, who was frustrated when she heard about her partners worrying about the future of the band, had cried uncontrollably and put the blame on herself previously.

When asked how their husbands felt about them living together for a month, Selina and Ella promised that it would be fine and they even joked about letting the two husbands live together. Selina is married to Richard Chang; while Ella and Alvin Lai tied the knot in May.

According to reports, the trio will be flying to Milan for their upcoming album cover photo shoot next week. This will prove to be a challenge for Selina as she would have to endure an 18-hour long flight. The girls also revealed that they have finished recording songs for their album and will meet their fans again around the end of the year.


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