Monday, October 15, 2012

[Hebe] News: Hebe avoids questions on her sexuality

Is S.H.E's Hebe Tien in a relationship with her manager Liao Huicheng?

The pair was reportedly seen behaving intimately with each other in park. Huicheng is also rumoured to have spent the night at the singer's apartment.

At an endorsement event, Hebe, who is the only S.H.E who is not married, was questioned again about her sexuality.
When asked about her relationship with her manager, the singer avoided the question and only said that her 'fortune was bad'. However, she perked up and added, "I read in an astrology book that my luck is going to improve soon. "

Hebe was also asked for comment on the incident where her fan was injured by her bodyguard in Shanghai. She expressed her concern and added she was apologetic for being unable to prevent the messy situation. She added, "I saw the fan on the same day later, and I think he is fine."

S.H.E is rumoured to end their contracts with their management company HIM International Music next year. Asked to confirm the report, the singer exclaimed, "€I'm so nervous! I know everything but I can't share the news with the press."


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