Monday, October 15, 2012

[Selina] News: Selina plays host at her sister-in-law's wedding

She may be a star but family obligations come first for S.H.E's Selina Jen.

Selina, who tied the knot in October, has since returned to showbiz after recovering from her accident.

Last Saturday, Selina immediately volunteered to help out at her sister-in-law's wedding when she saw that there was insufficient manpower at the banquet. Her duty? To collect gifts at the door.

She also wore a brooch to signify that she was part of the bride's family, expressing, "Everyone was wearing one, so I thought I should wear one too."

When wedding guests recognised the star, many requested for photos with her and she willingly obliged, clutching on to the precious gifts and red packets in order to safeguard them even while taking photos.

After the wedding, Selina updated her micro-blog, excitedly sharing, "The first time I've hosted at a wedding - (it was) so fun! I want to do it again! (I) instigated my parents to get married again so that I can fulfill my wish, but my mum said that making a mistake once is enough!"


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