Monday, October 15, 2012

[Selina&Ella] News: Selina sheds tears on first flight after recovery

S.H.E.'s Selina Jen returned to showbiz in July, 19 months after she was injured in a horrific on-set fire. In recent days, the 30-year-old boarded a flight the first time after her accident. She returned to Taiwan two nights ago with fellow HIM International Music, including Yoga Lin, Dylan Kuo, Power Station and band-mate Ella.

As this is her first flight after recovering from severe burns, the company was worried that she would feel discomfort from the plane's air compression systems and chose to send its artistes to Ishigaki island in Japan, a mere 40 minutes ride away.
Ella slipped away from Selina 15 minutes after takeoff and made a beeline for the flight announcement system. Playing the role of an air stewardess, she announced, 'A good day to all passengers on the flight bound for Ishigaki. There is a very special female passenger with us today by the name of Selina. Let us all applaud her for her bravery.'

The passengers and air service crew showed their encouragement to Selina, who was touched to the point of shedding tears. She shared, 'I feel a little sad because the last time I took a plane was to receive treatment (after the accident).'
Ella then gave Selina a big hug and expressed that she had intended to make Selina shed tears right from the start.

According to reports, Selina is unable to go under the sun as her wounds have not fully healed. As a result, she spent her days hiding indoors, playing mahjong with her friends, practicing yoga or hitting the gym. She enjoyed the beach only after sunset.
The other members of S.H.E., Hebe and Ella, have stuck by Selina through her recovery and will be celebrating their 11th anniversary on September 11. HIM has created a Facebook page in commemoration of the event, asking fans to post messages of congratulations and encouragement to the trio.


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