Sunday, August 19, 2012

[Selina] News: Selina's nomination for Best Female Actress comes under fire

The S.H.E. member was nominated at the 9th Golden Eagle Award in China despite a year of inactivity

The nominee list for China's prestigious Golden Eagle Awards was revealed recently and Selina Jen came under fire for being nominated for Best Female Actress despite being absent from the acting industry over the past year.
After suffering third-degree burns on the set of I Have a Date with Spring in 2010, the actress has been nursing herself back to health. Some speculate that her nomination is a form of "compensation" towards Selina for the accident.
Hunan Satellite TV which is in charge of the event responded by saying, "Even though Selina has been absent for a year, it has not affected her placing in audiences' hearts. In fact, many people have called her nomination the best way to thank her for her hard work - her presence at the opening ceremony will be a good way to welcome her back."
Selina has responded to the news of the nomination, saying, "(I'm) a little surprised and am still processing it." Towards the unwavering support from her fans, she expressed, "I'll definitely work hard and if I win the award, I'll lose weight!"


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