Sunday, August 19, 2012

[Hebe] News: Hebe Tien wants Mayday's GMA awards?

The S.H.E singer confesses her disappointment in not bagging any awards while team mate Selina Jen explains her tears

Hebe Tian was nominated for seven awards at the 23rd Golden Melody Awards, but walked home empty-handed at the end of the night. The singer admitted to feeling disappointed but added that, "All the award winners are very talented. Tanya Chua, who was crowned Best Mandarin Female Singer, is someone I respect a lot. Being nominated with them already makes me happy."
The 29-year-old jokingly quipped, "Since Mayday won six awards, can you spare me one of yours?" The alternative rock band bagged numerous awards at the prestigious show, including Best Mandarin Album and Best Band.
Hebe's fellow S.H.E members, Selina Jen and Ella Chen, were also present, having had their first joint performance after 555 days.
Selina shared, "I actually felt that I wouldn't cry, but once I heard the cheers (from the crowd) I couldn't help it. Once (the platform) descended, once I was with the both of them, I couldn't stop the tears. During the performance itself, I was already wiping away tears."
The petite singer, who was injured in a filming incident, added, "When I'm standing on stage, I'm the entertainer Selina. But once the curtains fall, there are some unhappy and heart-wrenching things that I can't forget."


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