Sunday, August 19, 2012

[08.19.12] Selina's Weibo Update

Tonight squeeze in Hsimenting, with feelings Lin Hao charm ~ crazy ~~

Dad helped my car and installed a lot of light, I'm super proud of! But friends say like "electronic float"! ! Hateful! ! She is jealous of me! ! I'm lit up half of the Tamsui River. !

城裡的月光把夢照亮 請溫暖他心房~ 看透人間聚散 能不能多點快樂片段~ 城裡的月光把夢照亮 請守候它身旁~ 若有一天能重逢 讓幸福撒滿整個夜晚~好歌配美景~好開心~(*^_^*)
City moonlight dream illuminate the inviting warmth of his atrial see through the earth to moon to illuminate the dream ~ If one day can be reunited so happy sprinkled throughout the night waiting for it side parting can not multi-point happiness fragment ~ city ~ good songs with beauty ~ so happy ~ (* ^ _ ^ *)

One hour by car flash rain, and finally the night riding! (^ _ ^ ;) Beautiful night! Legs very acid but the heart is very wide. ~~

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