Sunday, August 19, 2012

[News] Hebe: Hebe Tien has yet to find true love

All eyes are on S.H.E'S Hebe Tien after fellow band mates Selina Jen and Ella Chen tied the knot, as she's the only one of the trio who has yet to find love.

At an event on Saturday, members of the media asked if Hebe had been swarmed by suitors. The bubbly singer quipped, "Stop asking, (I'm) already in a very sad state!"

Hebe who was grateful that her fans waited in the scorching sun for her, proclaimed that she would kiss a fan on stage to convey her gratitude. However,she quickly changed her mind and added, "My fans are all really shy, so they won't come on stage."

Reporters also asked if she had kissed anyone lately, to which the singer shockingly replied "Yesterday" before adding with a laugh, "With my hand."


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