Friday, February 10, 2012

Selina's Weibo Update

今天又下廚了:南瓜排骨、松菇鮭魚捲、高麗菜、鮮菇雞肉粥、蘿蔔馬蹄湯!下午開始準備,直到爸媽7:30來才發現我的腳腿已經不是我的了...她們是檸檬的...因為太痠太痠啦  一直站著洗切菜,不知不覺站了好久!果然是很好的復健!任爸嚷嚷是第一次吃女兒煮的飯、任媽直誇好吃喔!果然全部吃關關啦!
Today went to the kitchen: Pumpkin spareribs, loose mushroom 鮭 paupiette, Korean vegetable, fresh mushroom chicken gruel, radish 蔔 horse's hoof soup! In the afternoon starts to prepare, until father and mother 7:30 only then discovered that my foot leg was already not I…They are the lemon…Because too 痠 too 痠 has stood is washing cuts the vegetable, has stood unconscious for a long time! Is really the very good recovery! Lets the father to shout is first time has the food which the daughter boils, to let the mother straight quart delicious! Eats the pass really completely!

元宵節是為了慶祝什麼呢?除了慶祝新春的延續,還要慶祝我一年半來第一次下廚煮飯喔!真是個好日子阿!(^○^)有五穀鮭魚蒸飯、粉蒸排骨、蒜蒸花椰菜、 蒸蛋!好吃嗎?呵呵自己煮的當然好吃!不過是有失敗了一次蒸飯啦(>_<)哈哈!下次做新菜再跟大家分享囉!嗯哇哈哈哈~
What the Lantern Festival is to celebrate? Except celebration early spring extension, but must celebrate my one-and-a-half years first time to go to the kitchen cooks a meal! Is really an auspicious day Arab League! (○) has the grain 鮭 fish to steam rice, to steam with rice flour the spareribs, the garlic to steam the cauliflower, the egg custard! Delicious? Ha-ha boil certainly delicious! However had is defeated one time has steamed rice (>

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