Monday, March 7, 2011

[Ella] News: Ella Chen acknowledges new relationship

Ella Chen acknowledges new relationship
The Taiwanese singer however denies that she and her boyfriend are cohabiting

Ella Chen's sweet treats to reporters weren't enough to keep them from asking about her new relationship.

Ella had specially bought macaroons for the reporters. Instead of thanking Ella for them, a reporter asked teasingly, "Do you like macaroons or Malay kuehs?" causing Ella to blush on the spot.

The Taiwanese singer had recently been linked to 35-year-old Lai Si Xiang who is a Malaysian.

The reporters fired a list of questions, such as "when did you feel something for each other, since you've known each other for a long time", "how many people in S.H.E are currently dating" and "what attracted you to Alvin [Ella's boyfriend]".

Initially, Ella repeatedly thanked reporters for their concern but relented a while later.

"I've always been a cheerful girl, and my life has just become even more cheerful these days," Ella laughed, acknowledging her new relationship subtly.

However, she widened her eyes and exclaimed "no" when asked if she was co-habiting with her boyfriend.



  1. I am really confused. Ella seems to say two different things. She seems to say. "Yes I am in a new relationship. and no i am just very close friends with him.

  2. Haha! It's because Ella is playing safe. She doesn't say anything directly so she leaves us with wild guesses. We may be right or wrong. Only her knows. She's not harmed if she just remain quiet :)