Saturday, June 23, 2012

[06.18.12] Ella's Weibo Update

A surprise home! Thank you, Mr. Lai

I love you! But sweet this picture of what happened? ! Is really a bad child! Children and not, Oh! Uncle! ! Oh! Not! Is the aunt practiced yo!

謝謝老公,love u !回去好好回報你!
Thank you, husband, love u good to be back with you!

I was hurt! ! ! [Love you] greatly plotting Mainland Chinese research colleagues gave me a surprise return to the hotel, was so touched! Thank you! US singular solution then love you! Chirp microphone! Greatly even made a sexy underwear, and told me not to always do not wear clothes, looming more sexy!

 #amazing女生5K#五公里,只是前菜而已喔!各位女孩兒們,繼續amazing 吧!但跑完了,來禞賞一下自己吧!!
# Amazing girls # 5K kilometers, just before the dish! You girls are amazing!! But finish, Gao reward yourself! !

I'm ready. #amazing女生5K#馬上就要挑戰5K啦!你們準備好了嗎?!希望這次可以跑的比上次的成績好!大家一起來自我挑戰一下吧!
I'm ready. # Amazing girls 5K # about to challenge the 5K! Are you ready? ! I hope this can run up from good grades! With everyone from my challenge!

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