Saturday, March 24, 2012

Selina's Weibo Update

 好開心!天公也作美!聊天到不想回家...把簽唱會當成家庭聚  會
Good happy! The God also cooperates! Chats does not want to go home…Will sing the bamboo slip will regard the peaceful reunification


I jog further Luo! Ran four 1k to be many! An everybody step footprint advances to happiness together!


The Yangming alocasia macrorhiza season starts! We cut in fragrant! Also has the Eastern temple oriental cherry, lets us place oneself as if Kyoto! The eye nose receives is happy nature ~ hoped the nature also thought what receive is a happy five flowered puppy!


I love you, I love you, I love you, I love you, I like your ~ (the picture providing: Well-known photographer Kiki)



今天是family day!一家六口(四人兩狗)前往桃園綠風餐廳!一大片草原讓pinky如小兔子般狂奔!可惜天公再次上演情深深雨濛濛~害我沒餵到魚...等到好天氣我一定要再去一次~
Today is family day! Family of six (four people of two dogs) go to the peach garden green wind dining room! A big piece of prairie lets the pinky like small rabbit dash about wildly! What a pity the God once more performs sentiment deep rain misty ~ to harm me not to feed to the fish…When the fine weather I must certainly go to ~ again

Today with goes to pale water and sky Yuan Gongshang popularly the oriental cherry! The next romantic infant drizzle, the flower is looking like especially sexy! Is only person ultra ~ level ~ the multi-~ not only person is really tenderer than the flower, but also the human are more than the flower! Regarding a day Yuan palace your popular index, I felt really ~ candidly admits defeat Arab League ~

Whoops! Regarding your appropriate praising, I really am ~ candidly admit defeat Arab League ~~

Really the super invincible thunderclap is delicious!

Am I the invincible hard Jin'gang? Why is the member the Lily magnolia missile?


You asked that I like you having deeply…

兩位已婚人士馬上有變隱形的感覺 哇哈哈哈!原來當"長輩"的感覺不好受哇~
Two married public figures have change immediately the stealth the feeling [tear] ha ha! Originally when elder the feeling does not feel better ha ~

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