Friday, March 30, 2012

[Hebe&Ella] News: Ella goes Guam for Wedding Photoshoot; Hebe tags along as lightbulb

Translated by minivicki @
Source: Yahoo TW & Liberty Times

Ella and her fiance Alvin Lai has gone to Guam for their wedding photo-shoot. It can be considered their early honeymoon but surprisingly, Hebe had tagged along as a lightbulb. Hebe sweetly said that "The couple's glow will outshine that of the lightbulb. No one can steal their limelight!" Selina's still in the middle of physiotherapy and couldn't travel out of the country. She went with her mom to Danshui to observe the flower blossom instead and shared that "There were more people than flowers!"

Ella has been busy promoting her first EP "I'm... Ella Chen Jia Hua" and had to take time out of her busy schedule to fly to Guam for this photoshoot. The hotel provided the couple with the presidential suite which costs NT150,000 per night. The work team consisted of over 30 people and spent around NT3.5million.

When Ella and Hebe board the Hello Kitty decorated airplane to Guam, both of them were overjoyed like little girls. Ella was given a pink apron and she even matched it with a pink hair bow, finding it to be very cute. As Ella will be busy with work, the actual honeymoon would probably have to be delayed to next year where they plan to go Europe.

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