Friday, March 30, 2012

[Ella] News: Ella Chen's fiance plays a prank on her

29/03/2012 The Taiwanese singer's underwear was exposed when her fiance flipped her skirt playfully

S.H.E member Ella Chen and her fiance Alvin Lai, who were in Guam recently for their wedding photo shoot, took the chance to film the music video for Ella's latest single 'Thick Skin'. During the shoot, the couple shared amazing chemistry, allowing everything to go on rather smoothly. When they saw a basketball stand, Ella pestered the production crew to play with her, and was teased, "You're as crazy as Linsanity (nickname given to Taiwanese American basketball player Jeremy Lin); I guess on certain levels, you can be known as Chen-sanity too." Unfortunately, Ella was having a bad streak, as the balls she thrown kept missing the net. In the end, the singer's fiancé picked her up and helped her do a slam dunk. However, at that moment Alvin playfully flipped Ella's skirt and exposed her underwear, causing the singer to shout, "How can you do that to me?" Ella then added, "He thought I wore extra shorts inside, so he decided to play a prank on me; but I was wearing only my underwear."


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