Thursday, January 26, 2012

[Selina] News: Selina Jen to vie for Best Newcomer award

The singer is ready to submit her application for the next Golden Melody Awards

S.H.E. member Selina Jen's health condition has been improving of late, and good things have been coming her way.

Having released her first single Dream a New Dream just two months ago, the singer is now ready to apply for nominations in the upcoming Golden Melody Awards.

According to her recording company, the team and Selina are planning to apply for nominations in various categories, most notably the "Best Newcomer" award.

Dream a New Dream is Selina's first solo album which qualifies her for nominations as a "newcomer".

Meanwhile, the singer has been on an eating spree recently.

For three consecutive days, Selina had posted photos of the food she had tasted on her microblog.

The singer even uploaded photos where faces of her female dining partners were masked and asked her fans to guess who they were.

While most fans guessed that one of those present was fellow S.H.E member Hebe Tien, the person turned out to be Selina's friend from school.

As her friends' birthday fell consecutively from October to January, the girls had gathered for a special birthday celebration.

"(I'm) really happy to be able to dine with you all. Each and every one of you marks a very significant point of my life: High school, University and Showbiz! It's really great to be around you guys! The cards you (Selina's friends) are holding are personally made by me! Love you all!" the singer wrote on her microblog.

The next two days were spent with her husband Richard Chang, where the newlyweds had a lovely time eating delicacies.

"Another dinner date tonight! This time, it's Korean food! (My health is in) a good condition and (I'm) in the mood to enjoy good food! It is winter and I need to gain more fats to deal with the cold season!"


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